The Signalman

15 - 16 Nov 2023


Rumpus Theatre Company


a spine-chilling play by John Goodrum based on

Charles' Dickens' classic ghost story


Who is the faceless figure by the tunnel warning the haunted signalman?

In this eerie version of Charles Dickens' classic Victorian ghost story, a terrified signalman unburdens himself to the young student who chances upon his railway cutting. He tells a chilling tale of the spectre that haunts him, and the terrible disasters that follow each appearance...but what horror is the ghost trying to warn of this time? And is the young man's visit quite so innocent as it at first appears?

Tickets £23, Applause Members £5 off evenings only. Tickets include a £2 per ticket Theatre Restoration fee.




A triumph. From the mysterious opening to the dramatic close, it held the audience, both young and not so young, enthralled

Derbyshire Times

a marvellous re-telling of an involving horror story with excellent special lighting and effects on the line on which the trains rampage directly toward the audience, whistles, smoke, steam and darkness enveloping the set and spilling out into the house ...

Windsor Observer

a slow burner that builds to a roaring fire ... a gripping ghost story ... lights, smoke and whistles make you really feel a steam train is thundering past, to the point where you even see people leaning as if to let it through

Worthing Herald

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